Apr 4

TAG, you're it! The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then send this to the fifteen nicest people on tumblr.


THE FIFTEEN NICEST PEOPLE ON TUMBLR LMFAO THE SAINTS. OF TUMBLR wait does this mean you think im nice daww

well heck why not ten facts here goes

  1. i should be studying right now
  2. im graduating this semester!
  3. when i get road rage and am alone in the car i sing really loudly and semi-operatically about how people need to back the fuck off
  4. that is the most interesting thing i can think of to say about myself
  5. i have really short toes :|
  6. my hands can barely stretch an octave on the piano and this makes me Angry
  7. i practice looking like im going to stab people when i have to walk around campus because being talked to makes me anxious
  8. if i need to park my car and there is a space that i can pull straight into without turning the wheel at all i get really really excited
  9. im actually horrible to drive with because i get terrible driving anxiety please dont take this to mean im fun in cars
  10. im not tagging anybody because im lazy uwu, also lmfao 15 nicest people on tumblr 

well that was a nice distraction from my brain thanks anon hahaha