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I tried to learn Japanese, once upon a time. I ran screaming from its grammar. How have you been faring? Your class sounds awesome!

im doing quite well, thanks! :D  school is already kind of busy, but im trying to work ahead as much as i can haha. yeah and the grammar is redonkkkkkk but thats part of why i love it.  for some reason i just looooovvvvveeeeee taking apart this language and thinking and talking about it. uwu 

my favorite parts of class are when, like, the teacher explains a nuance to us in a word and its fascinating. like today we encountered a sort of abbreviated form of an expression, and since it was abbreviated we assumed it to be on a plain/slang level of respect, but it was an abbreviated form of a polite verb, so it actually rested somewhere in between formal and casual???? IT WAS REALLY COOL.

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I’m going back to Tokyo in March! And I need to brush up on my kana. And by brush up I mean relearn from scratch.

JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! omg say hi to the idk cement for me i love tokyo weeps.  hahahahaha omg thats the worst thing about japanese tho, it takes SO LONG to retain anything for any long term….half of studying is usually just relearning the stuff you “should already know” uwu good luck! and have fun omgggggggggg