Tell me of your rice loves. I made risotto once and it was okay. I have both basmati and jasmine rice in the house right now, in the hopes I will someday plan ahead enough to make Indian or Thai curries. I used to have sushi rice too, but I didn't use it much so I left it behind when I moved.

gooooooooooood. jasmine rice is the BOMB omg.  see i was like. one of the few western kids in my foreign exchange program who never added anything to my white rice at dinner every night.  i just really really really really love steamed white rice. a lot.

i am usually feeling tired and unambitious and will throw an egg in my rice and mix it up and that is like a fucking gourmet feast to me i could eat that every single night ahahaha

my sister cooks tho and i really do love all the FUN STUFF you can come up with if you are willing to put that little extra time and effort into a meal uwu im a simple girl with simple needs but dang other food is tasty

like i have this japanese curry stuff but i never use it i just look at it and go wow maybe one day i will care enough to try but then i just eat egg and rice uwu,

cooking is so neat tho omg its like. real magic. real magic that you eat. wow. COOKING. food wizards.