What do you think of Damara? I'm guessing you could read her lines without the use of a translation app?


I think shes cool!  There are different sorts of….interpretations???? about her character as a whole and im pretty open to all of those different ideas. uwu i dont generally form BIG OPINIONS immediately about anything that pops up in canon tbh, i get a lot of influence from other people in the fandom who i think are cool lmao

also “read her lines” is a really….uh…..yeah.  she speaks Google Translate Japanese, which is a pretty far cry from Actual Japanese.  I haven’t done some reading in a while so I had to look up a bunch of words, some of which, frankly, i had never used before, as you can imagine hahaha.  I did do a lot of translation on my own, but when my buddy and i started putting them into Google Translate they were QUITE DIFFERENT sometimes hahahahahaha

but yeah….i think the google-translate japanese is pretty hysterical actually tho like if i ever wanted to write something for her i would definitely not use any of my personal knowledge of japanese and just put it through google translate because that is what is canon ahahahahahaha